Since his first hit record, “Get At Me Dog”, in 1998 … The NY rapper and Master of Ceremonies DMX(Dark-Man-X) has successfully made himself a household name . Coined for his larger than life charisma, sporadic personality, wisdom/spirituality, and roughness around the edges … somehow, someway, DMX has grown to become one of the most […]

  At least in the United States … we live in an era where the plight of influential black men is more celebrated than their successes. Let’s take a moment to celebrate Nick Cannon and give him his flowers while he is still on earth. 2 decades before IG/Tik-Tok skits would take over the internet, […]

… damn Lamelo. Came in the game STRONG . Really flexin, stuntin, dimin, and dumpin on niggas . Prior to the injury of the 19 year old, 6foot6, 180 pound phenom … Mr.Ball was actually balling with an average of 15points, 6assist, and 5rebounds . I’m talking highlights on a nightly basis ! Truly exciting […]

… holy shit . Did King Dolph & Prince Glizzock drop their most complete body of work ??? These 2 guys may be priming as we speak. Talk about puttin on for your city, these niggggas are the hottest to come out Memphis,Ten. since Three-6-Mafia ! Personally … I was not a fan of the […]

Let’s take a look at that boy Trippie Redd …  The 1400 Cleveland native has come a long way since the release of his debut Album “A Love Letter To You” in May of 2017 . From the looks of, the contrarian artist still has an even longer way to go with an equally as […]

Each “#’s” Power ! Below Are Each Number’s Energy Signature Functions:  Leadership Communication Action Planning  Direction Wisdom Networking Responsibility   Completion  Identify which number resonates with you the most.(1-8)  Take the number you selected and subtract it from 9. The number you get will let you know what you need to focus on more in order […]

⭐Shawn Fanning = Creator of Napster Originally from Brockton, MA …at age 18 during his freshman year of college at North Eastern University, Shawn Fanning would launch the website “Napster” in 1999. Fanning asked Ali Aybar, a veteran programmer who happened to be a friend of his uncle’s, for assistance in developing “Napster” … a […]

Released on 10/28/1994, “Merry Christmas” by Mariah Carey is still one of the greatest selling Christmas albums of all time ! As of 10/01/2019, the album is 6xPlatinum. The most notable song on the project is “All I want for Christmas is You”, which earned the highly skilled/attractive singer $60million dollars in royalties alone. On […]

Unfortunately, on 12/10/2020 the black communities favorite on screen bully has passed away. Born in Compton, California on June 24th of 1958, Tony Lister Jr. would be credited for featuring in 220 entertainment productions, most notably appearing in “Friday”(1995). On camera … Deebo’s ruthless assertiveness in the taking of things and man handeling others made […]

On 12/11/2020 Hip Hop legend, memorable leader of Young Money Cash Money Records, and notable discoverer/co-signer of stars Drake & Nicki Minaj … has pleaded guilty to federal gun charges. Mr.Tunechi could be facing a potential of up to 10 years in prison for this particular indiscretion. However, this is not his first gun related […]

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